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Tuesday, September 5th, 2023 @ 3:30 PM: Back to Shul Event 2023! Please click the flyer to RSVP before August 29th!

Sunday, May 14th @ 1:30 PM: Family Fun Day 2023!

Tuesday, June 14th @ 5:00 PM: End of Year BBQ! Please click the flyer to register now! 

Thursday, February 24th @ 6:00 PM: Join us for the first ever YIPC Challah Bake! Click on the flyer to register now!

Sunday, November 21 @ 5:30 PM - -Laser Tag is BACK, and it's going to be EPIC! Don't miss out! Click on the flyer to register now!


October 2021: Midor L'dor Learning is BACK!!!!!

We are once again beginning our Midor L'dor learning program for fathers and children on Motzei Shabbos. The program will take place in the main shul and will begin at 7:30 pm (please see the announcements for when the schedule will change). It will include time to learn with your child, a special story, and a raffle with prizes. Refreshments will be given out at the end of the program to take home. For more information please see the flyer below or contact Rabbi Elie Rothberger @ .

09/15/2021: Youth Department Updates & Schedule

Dear YIPC Community,

It’s a busy time of year & our youth department has been quite busy too!
Here are some of the exciting going ons:

Shabbos programming from preschool through 6th grade has been off to a fabulous start! It is wonderful to feel the energy of the children back in shul.  

Rosh Hashana groups were fabulous! Children participated in Yom Tov themed activities, davened, heard shofar & were able to be part of the shul experience. 

Shabbos Shuva, in addition to regular groups, we also offered extended programming so parents could be inspired during the Rav's drasha.

Yom Kippur will feature preschool programming (3- pre1A) only based on availability of our senior leaders.  Programming hours will be 10-11:30 am.
No older children will be able to "assist" on Yom Kippur so that our leaders can effectively run the preschool group.  Preschoolers will enjoy stories, games, davening & snacks. (We look forward to offering more groups on Yom Kippur in the future as we train more senior leaders.)

This coming Shabbos, Parshas Ha'azinu will have regular groups for all ages.  

Sukkos Programming:
We will have groups on the first Day of Yom Tov, Shabbos Chol Hamoed and Shmini Atzeres. 
Groups will run from 9:50 am- end of davening for all our youth.

And, of course, Simchas Torah will feature Tot Hakafos (on Shmini Atzeres), and I look forward to seeing lots of youth participating in the shul's Simchas Torah celebration as well!

And...there is still more!  Keep your eye on your inbox for a special youth event coming up after the chagim.

Wishing everyone an easy and meaningful fast, and a Gmar Chasima Tova.

Sara Klarberg
Youth Director

09/10/2021: Message from the Youth Director

Dear YIPC Family, 

The YIPC youth department extends our Tanchumin to Chaim Solomon upon the passing of his dear sister, Rebecca. As you know, Chaim is a pillar of the youth department, not only leading the groups for younger boys over the past few years, but really developing the program and helping in other areas as well.

During this difficult time, the Shul is organizing meals for the Solomon family (please see the Shul email from last tonight). As the youth department, we would like to send some toys and games to the Solomon children as a gesture of nechama and hakaras hatov for all that Chaim does for our program.

We are looking for contributions of just $5-$10. We feel this will make a real impact, and hope you can participate. 

Please click here to donate via the Shul’s Chesed Fund:

If you have any questions, please contact me at . Wishing you a Gmar Chasima Tova, and may we only know of Simchos.

Sara Klarberg
Youth Director

AUGUST 2021: Youth Groups ARE BACK!!!!!

Youth groups are back in session!! Please stay tuned for future Youth Programming.

Click on the image below to Register for the Paint Party on Feb 17, 2020 !!!

12/15/2019 - Make your own Menorah - PreSchool Event - Click below to Register!

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12/17/2019 - The Lazer Tag Face Off - Click below to Register!

11/11/2019 - The Great Twister Challenge - Click below to Register!

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04/18/2019 - Pre-Pesach Youth Event!


Pesach is on its way & the YIPC youth department is gearing up in the best way! We have created a Pesach Fun Day for YOU!

Join us on Thursday, April 18th from 9am-12pm for a morning filled with Pesach activities & fun!

This is a drop off program for children ages 3-5th grade - so you can clean, work or even relax (just kidding!)

MEMBERS: $12 per child, max of $36 per family.

FRIENDS: $16 per child, max of $48 per family.

Advance registration is required! Click HERE TO SIGN UP NOWWe can't accept people at the door.

Questions/Info: Contact Sara Younger, our Youth Director, at


02/18/2019 - Pre-Purim Katan Celebration!


Attention 1st-4th graders!

Adar is here & we are getting into the spirit! Join us for a pre-Purim Katan celebration on Monday, February 18, 2019 (PRESIDENTS DAY!) from 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM in our social hall. Sit back, relax, laugh, and enjoy as THE AMAZING JUGGLING MOISH rides his unicycle, juggles, and performs lots of fun tricks! 

MEMBERS: $5 per child, max of $20 per family.

FRIENDS: $8 per child, max of $32 per family.

Advance registration is required! Click HERE TO SIGN UP NOW! We can't accept people at the door.

Questions/Info: Contact Sara Younger, our Youth Director, at


11/28/2018 - Pre-Chanukah Celebration!


Attention 1st-6th graders!

Chanukah is almost here & we are getting into the spirit! Join us for a pre-Chanukah celebration on Wednesday November 28th from 5:15 PM - 6:30 PM in our social hall. Participate in a Chanukah challenge, make a real, usable menorah, snack on doughnuts & hear an amazing story

Cost: $8 per child, max of $24 per family.Advance registration is required! We cant accept people at the door. 

BONUS CHESED OPPORTUNITY: Join the YIPC Youth Department Chanukah Toy Drive that will benefit the Passaic/Clifton Bikur Cholim Toy Drive! Please consider bringing a new toy/craft/game or even gift card. Morah Sara will then drop everything off. 

Questions/Info: Contact Sara Younger, our Youth Director, at


10/14/2018 - Rizzo's Reptiles will be visiting YIPC!

In honor of Parshas Noach, come enjoy a wonderful live animal show featuring some friendly reptiles - including a baby  alligator! The cost is $5 for YIPC members (max of $15 per family) and $8 for guests ($24 max per family).

The show will take place between 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm, and  is geared for children in pre-school through 4th grade. Advance registration required! 


Youth Program - Journey to Israel - Sunday afternoon, April 29, 2018 from 2:30 pm-4:00 pm for pre-school-5th grade

Join us for this interactive journey! Get a travel pass, visit activity booths representing Israeli sites, have fun, and win prizes! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP NOW!

Youth Program - Making it Real: An Israel Adventure - Monday evening, April 23, 2018 from 7:30 pm-9:00 pm for 6th-8th graders

Come with your friends, and spend an evening talking and learning about Israel, enjoying great nosh, and creating unique booths for the YIPC JOURNEY TO ISRAEL program. Don't miss this great leadership opportunity! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP NOW!


PRE-PURIM DINNER: Please CLICK HERE to REGISTER BEFORE FEBRUARY 12, 2018. See flyer below for more information.

NEW! We ask that all children who attend our Shabbos morning youth groups be registered. Please  click here to do so online.

CALLING ALL TEENAGERS! As we expand our youth offerings, and we continue to see growth in the Shul, we will be inviting new youth leaders to join our team. Any 7th or 8th graders are invited to apply to be leaders in training. High school students are invited to apply to be youth leaders. Please click here to submit an application.

Sun, December 3 2023 20 Kislev 5784