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Click Here for the Announcements for Parshas Ki Seitzei

Candle Lighting 6:51 pm
Mincha 6:55 pm
Evening Shema after 7:50 pm
Hashkama 7:00 am
Parsha Shiur 8:40 am
Main Shul 9:00 am
Morning Shma before 9:44 am
Youth Groups 10:00 am
Mincha 2:15 & 6:45 pm
Maariv & Havdala 7:49 pm

Mazel Tov to Mordy and Bryna Nissel on the engagement of their daughter Rivki to Ryan Shore, son of Tracie and Sam Shore.

YIPC welcomes new members Chaim & Tehilla Apfel and family and Hillel & Shana Halton and family. If you would like to become a YIPC member, please contact Adam Negnewitzky ( or visit for more information.

Additional Kabbalas Shabbos Minyan: This Friday night we will continue our monthly Kabbalas Shabbos Minyan with additional singing (with Carlebach nigunnim) in the Beis Midrash. This minyan will begin with Mincha at the same time as the main minyan begins. Men and women are invited. This Shabbos, Mincha will begin at 6:55pm.

2019 Yomim Noraim Seating: Please go to to access High Holiday related information including the Reservation Form and pricing. Only reservations submitted through the YIPC Portal will be accepted. PRIORITY SEATS WILL BE GIVEN TO: - Full members who have paid their obligations in full, or who have made proper arrangements to pay their obligations in consultation with the president (, and those who have made reservations with payments prior to the deadline. Following September 16, seats will be assigned on a first come first served basis. Please contact with any questions about seating or special seating accommodations.

Youth Groups for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur: We are offering youth groups on both days of Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur. These groups are a wonderful experience for children & allow parents to Daven in Shul. We have lots of exciting programming to enhance our children's Yom Tov experience. Please click on this link to enroll : ​​​. Space for groups is limited.

4th Annual ‘TeshuvaTalks’ Series:

Messilas Yesharim with Eikh Livnot Hayim commentary by Lieutenant Hadar Goldin, HYD: A 3-part series of Shiurim by Rabbi Glasser, beginning this Shabbos which will focus on specific topics related to self-improvement. Each week will be a self-contained shiur.
This Shabbos- 9/14/19 (P’ Ki Seitzei): Following Mincha @ 6:45 PM
9/21/19 (P’ Ki Savo): Following Mincha    @ 6:20 PM
9/28/19 (P’ Nitzavim): Following Mincha   @ 6:05 PM

Discovering my Polish Jewish roots, and my path to becoming an observant Jew: 
A presentation and discussion between Rabbi Glasser and Rabbi Maciej (Matti) Pawlak, who was raised as an atheist, discovered his Jewish roots as a teenager, and evenetually becamse the first Polish born Orthodox Rabbi since the Holocaust. 
This Sunday 9/15/19: 9:45 AM in the Social Hall. Coffee & Cake.
YOUTH: Preparing for Rosh HaShana: Rabbi Glasser will visit the Shabbos morning groups, and talk to the children about how special Rosh HaShana is and how they can prepare for it.
Shabbos 9/21/19: Beginning at 10AM in the class-rooms.
TEEN BOYS (Grades 7-12): Minyan, Chulent and a Shiur: Following the Teen Minyan, Rabbi Elie Rothberger will give a Chaburah on how to feel inspired and to feel the majesty of Hashem on Rosh HaShana.
Shabbos 9/21/19: Following the Teen Minyan
TEEN GIRLS (Grades 6-12): Shalosh Seudos, Oneg & Shiur:  Mrs. Aliza Davis will run a special Shaosh Seudos and give a Shiur on how to increase our connection during Davening on Rosh HaShana. 
Shabbos 9/21/19: From 5:00 PM - 6:15 PM in the classrooms.
Shabbos Shuva Drasha: Rabbi Glasser will deliver his Shabbos Shuva Drasha. 
Time: 4:40 PM followed by Mincha at 6:05 PM
Childcare will be available for children in preschool (age 3+) through 6th grade.

Siyum Hashas: The final deadline to purchase tickets for the Siyum Hashas on January 1st, 2020 and ensure you sit with our group is Monday September 16th, 2019. To purchase tickets, please click on the following link and use the code SH-YICLF-1896A at checkout. It is recommended to purchase the $25 ticket price level tickets. 
Email David Sheer or David Adler or if you have any questions.  

3rd Annual Siyum Tanach: For the third year in a row, we are aiming to collectively learn all of Tanach between now and Simchas Torah. Everyone can participate by visiting and entering your name next to the section(s) you would like to learn. If you have any questions, please email Dr. Josh Kra,

Tue, September 17 2019 17 Elul 5779