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Click Here for the Announcements for Parshas Matos-Masei

Mincha                         6:40 pm
Earliest Candle Lighting (plag) 6:55 pm
Mincha                         7:35 pm
Candle Lighting           8:10 pm
Evening Shema           9:17 pm
Hashkama                   7:00 am
Main Shul                    9:00 am
Morning Shma before 9:19 am
Mincha                        2:15 pm
Pirkei Avos Shiur        7:05 pm
2nd Mincha                 8:05 pm
Maariv                        9:09 pm
Havdala                      9:17 pm

Baruch Dayan Haemes: We regret to inform you of the passing of Dr. Daniel I Weiss (A"H), beloved father of Mr. Ahron Weiss.  The levaya took place on Thursday. Ahron will be sitting shiva at his home, 94 Amsterdam Avenue, through Wednesday morning.  Minyanim times are as follows:  

Shacharis: Sunday: 8am, Monday: 6:45am, Tuesday & Wednesday: 7 am,
Mincha / Maariv Sunday-Tuesday: 8:10pm

Shiva times: Friday: 6:45am - 10am, 2pm - 5pm, Sunday: 2pm - 5pm, 7pm - 9pm, Monday: 6:45 - 10am, 2pm - 5pm, 7pm - 9pm, Tuesday: 7am - 10am, 2pm - 5pm, 7pm - 9pm, Weds: 7am minyan only.
May the family be comforted amongst the mourners of Tzion & Yerushalayim.

Membership Dues: The shul's financial year began on June 1st, and account statements including Annual Membership Dues were emailed last week. If you have questions about your statement, please contact Mattis Brandwein (
If you would like to become a YIPC member, or would like more information, please speak to Adam Negnewitzky (or email
Tehilim: Women of the YIPC community are encouraged to partake in a Tehilim group for our cholim in great need of tefilos.  The group will be held at the YIPC building on Wednesday, July 18th at 8:15 pm.  Please join us in this important effort.
YIPC Board Elections: Elections for YIPC Officers and Board Members will be held at a General Membership Meeting scheduled for July 19, 2018 after Maariv (meeting will begin approximately 8:45pm) at the YIPC, 200 Brook Avenue. The nominated slate of candidates was emailed to all Full Members on Thursday July 5th.

Pirkei Avos: Rabbi Glasser’s Pirkei Avos Shiur will continue this Shabbos. The Shiur explores the values and ethics of Maseches Avos through the lens of Rabbinic commentary and Jewish history. The entire community (men and women) are invited.  The weekly shiur begins 1 hour before mincha. This week’s shiur will be at 7:05pm followed by mincha at 8:05pm.
The Pirkei Avos shiur is dedicated by Mrs. Chaya Brandwein and Mattis and Batya Brandwein in memory of Arthur Brandwein, Avrohom Menachem Mendel Ben Mattisyahu and for a refuah shelaima for Yosef Mordechai ben Sara Batya and Sara Bas Esther.

Tisha B’Av:  Join YIPC as Rabbi Glasser will lead an explanatory Kinnos recitation on Tisha B’Av morning. Rabbi Glasser’s explanatory kinnos are sponsored by Mark and Cipi Brand commemorating the yahrzeit of Cipi’s father’s mother and siblings who were killed by the Germans around Tisha B'Av.  More information to follow.
Rabbi Glasser will discuss the historical background and modern day relevance of the churban, and will explore the lessons learned from the Jewish approach to persecution and suffering throughout our history.
Rabbi Glasser's explanatory kinnos will also be available for people to join via phone or Facebook:
Dial: 641-715-0700 (long distance rates may apply)
When prompted, enter this access code: 182033#
Facebook Live: Visit the YIPC Facebook page:
Explanatory kinnos will begin no earlier than 9:30 am. You may join for any part of the presentation.

Shalosh Seudos:  We are looking for volunteers to help with Shalosh seudos set up. Please email if you are able to help.

2nd Annual Siyum Tanach: For the second year in a row, we are aiming to collectively learn all of Tanach between now and Simchas Torah. This project is designed for full participation of every segment of our shul - men, women and children.This year, we have decided to dedicate our learning as a Zchus for the continued safety and protection of the soldiers protecting Medinat Yisrael. Please participate by visiting and entering your name  next to the section(s) you would like to learn. If you have any questions, please email


Tue, July 17 2018 5 Av 5778