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Click Here for the Announcements for Parshas Emor

Mincha 6:25 pm
Earliest Candle Lighting 6:38 pm
Mincha 7:30 pm (In the Beis Medrash)
Candle Lighting 7:51 pm
Evening Shema after 8:56 pm
Oneg at the Glassers 9:00 pm
Hashkama 7:00 am
Parsha Shiur 8:40 am
Main Shul 9:00 am
Morning Shma before 9:15 am
Youth Groups 10:00 am
Mincha 2:15 pm
Dessert for Teen Girls at the Glassers 2:15pm
Pre-Mincha Shiur 6:30 pm
Mincha II 7:40 pm
Maariv/ Havdala 8:49 pm

Mazal tov to Charlie and Rhonda Weinreb on the birth of a granddaughter, to Aviva and JJ Eizik.

2nd Mincha/ Kabbalos Shabbos: Due to the Scholar in Residence at the first minyan, the 7:30 mincha will take place in the beis midrash.

YIPC Annual Dinner: Sunday Evening, June 16th. Join us as we honor Marc & Chava Kurtz and Jeremy & Aliza Davis for their contributions to our shul and community. We look forward to once again celebrating as a kehila. You should have received the Invitations in the mail. Make your reservations today by mail or visit . Special thank you to Naomi Bodek, Nava Bodek, Sandy Eckstein, Shanie Erenberg, Rahel Goldberg, Adelle Goldstein, Jessica, Chava Kurtz, Josh Kra, Adina Mermelstein, Abigail Rothberger, Chaim Rothberger, Yakira Rothberger, Dovid Rotberg, Sari Rotberg, Tuvia Rotberg, Gavriel Schwartz, Andrew Schwartz, and Miriam Sukenik, for coming last Motzei Shabbos to help with the dinner mailing.

Scholar in Residence this Shabbos, Rabbi Alan Haber. YIPC is privileged to have Rabbi Haber join us this Shabbos.  We thank everyone who has joined in sponsoring this event. Your generosity has made this unique and meaningful opportunity for our community to celebrate Yom Ha’Atzma’ut possible. The Schedule for the Scholar In Residence is as follows:
Friday Night- Mincha and Kabbalas Shabbos Drasha at 6:25pm, “Am Levadad Yishkon- A Nation that Dwells in Solitude”

Oneg at the Glasser Home- 9:00pm- “A Paradigm Shift for Orthodox Jewish Thinking”
Sponsored by Rabbi Yaakov and Ruth Glasser in honor of the YIPC members serving in the IDF and their families.
Thank you to Avi Pollack and Shmuel Vann for setting up the Glasser’s home for the Oneg, and to Avigail Adler for providing the beautiful fruit platter.

Pre-Mussaf Drasha- “Communal Lessons from the Tragic Story of the Makalel”
Sponsored by Rabbi Chaim and Leah Wasserman in memory of their son Shmuel z”l and Chaplain Bruce and Judy Bublick in memory of the fallen soldiers of the IDF

Dessert for Teen Girls- 2:15pm, “Hayinu K’cholmim- When Dreams and Reality Merge”

Pre-Mincha Shiur- 6:30pm, “Between Bet Shaul and Bet David”
Sponsored by Chaplain Bruce and Judy Bublick in honor of the Jewish Americans who have served and continue to serve in the armed forces of the United States

Shalosh Seudos following 7:30pm Mincha- “Midbar HaAmim- A Look at Contemporary Anti-Semitism in Light of Bibical Prophecy”
Sponsored by Drs. Carl and Miriam Singer in honor of the 60th anniversary of Carl’s Bar Mitzvah- Parshas Emor

From the Youth Department: There will be no groups for 4th-6th grade boys this week.  All other groups will begin at 10:00 am on Shabbos.

4th Annual Siyum Mishnayos: For the fourth year in a row, we plan to learn all of Mishnayos between now and the second day of Shavuos. This year, we have decided to dedicate our learning B’Zchus Jewish victims of Terror from Israel, Europe, and the United States, who lost their lives over the past year. A listing of names will be posted shortly.  Please participate and sign-up for a Masechta (or two) by visiting: If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Josh Kra.

Teen Minyan: The next monthly teen minyan for boys in grades 7-12 will take place, Shabbos Parshas Bechukosai, June 1st.  Davening will begin in the main minyan and will continue in the Beis Medrash for leining and musaf. There will be a hot kiddush following davening for boys who participate. The Kiddush following the teen minyan is anonymously sponsored in memory of Yosef Yitzchok ben Yehuda Leib zt”l.

Book Club: The next meeting of the YIPC Women's Book Club will take place Sunday, June 30, 2019, at 8:30 pm at the shul.  We will be discussing Outwitting History: The Amazing Adventures of A Man Who Rescued A Million Yiddish Books by Aaron Lansky.  The book may be purchased from Amazon at the following link: YIPC June Book Club Selection. Questions? Contact Ilana Bachrach at


Fri, May 24 2019 19 Iyyar 5779