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Click Here for the Anouncements for Succos

Candle Lighting 6:34 pm
Mincha 6:35 pm
Shiur before Maariv by Rabbi Glasser- To Truly Live in a Sukkah

Shacharis 7:00 & 8:45am
Morning Shema before 9:47 am
Youth Groups 10:00 am
Pre-Mincha Shiur 5:55 pm - by Rabbi Donny Besser- 
Middle Father Syndrome: Understanding Yitzchak
Mincha 6:35 pm
Shiur before Maariv by Rabbi Glasser - 
Chol HaMoed Trips: A [Halachic] Great Adventure
Candle Lighting after   7:31 pm

Shacharis 7:00 & 8:45am
Morning Shema before 9:47 am
Youth Groups 10:00 am
Pre-Mincha Shiur 5:45 pm by Rabbi Kevin Perlitsch 
Sitting in the Sukkah: It's the Thought That Counts
Mincha 6:30 pm
Shiur by Rabbi Elie Rothberger
Maariv and Havdala 7:30 pm

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund: In anticipation of the upcoming yomim tovim, please consider donating to the YIPC Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund.  Checks may be dropped off at the Glasser home - 382 Brook Ave.

Siyum Tanach: Thank you to all the men, women and children who committed to learn all of Tanach in the merit of the continued safety and protection of the soldiers protecting Medinat Yisrael. Please join us for the Siyum which will take place during an expanded Neilas HaChag on Simchas Torah (October 2nd). Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. To sponsor the Neilas HaChag and Siyum, please contact

Lulavim and Esrogim Storage: To protect the Kehila’s extensive investment in the beautiful furniture of our building, we are asking that no lulav or esrog cases or boxes be placed upon the pews or wooden furniture in the Shul. There will be tables set up for each section of the Shul and we request that all lulavim and esrogim be placed on these tables in order to protect the beauty of our beis haknesses.
Succos: The Glasser family invites the YIPC Kehilla to an open sukkah at their home (382 Brook Avenue) on Shabbos Chol Hamoed, September 29th, from 3:30pm to 5:30pm.
From the Youth Department:
Youth Groups Schedule on Yom Tov: From the 1st days of Succos through Shemi Atzeres, we will be running the following youth groups: pre-school, girls grades 1-6, and boys grades 1-6. Please note that there will not be groups on Simchas Torah.  Groups begin at 10am. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Tot Hakafos: Younger children of the community are invited to join the YIPC for special "Tot Hakafos" at 4:00 pm on Shmini Atzeres. The program will feature singing and dancing with Sifrei Torah followed by a story by Rabbi Elie Rothberger.  Tot Hakafos bags are sponsored by Miriam & Carl Singer in memory of Miriam's grandfather Adolphe Pressel, Avraham Ben Mordechai haLevi.

Simchas Torah Kiddush: Please join YIPC for a special Simchas Torah Kiddush. The following sponsorship levels are available:  
$100 Keser Torah, $72 Eitz Chaim , $54 Aliya, $36 Hakafa
Sponsorship deadline is Wednesday September 26th.  To sponsor, please go to . Contact Mordechi Bodek ( with any questions.  To volunteer to help set-up contact Paula Baumser.

Wed, September 26 2018 17 Tishrei 5779