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Arba Minim Sale

Thursday, September 22, 2022 26 Elul 5782

12:00 AM - 12:00 AM 6 days afterPre order only


Our Arba Minim supplier provides Esrogim from Eretz Yisrael.  Since this is a Shmitah year, we will utilize Otzar Beis Din Esrogim.  Due to the Halachik restrictions of Otzar Beis Din, we will not be having a typical Arba Minim sale. The sale this year will be limited to pre-orders, and Esrogim will be provided in a closed box.  We will have two options, Standard Esrog and Mehudar Esrog. Both will be available with or without Pitom.   Each Esrog will come with a Lulav, Hadasim and Aravos.  You may also select upgrades to Aleph Aleph Lulavim and Aleph Aleph Hadasim. 

Use the form below to submit your order. All orders must be received and paid online by Wednesday night September 28.  We are planning to have the sets ready for pickup on Sunday night October 2nd and Monday night October 3rd.  Exact schedule to be announced.

Order today using the form below


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▪ All sets come with an Esrog, Lulav, set of Hadasim and set of Aravos.
▪ All orders will utilize Otzar Beis Din Esrogim.
▪ Pre-orders must be submitted by Wednesday night, September 28th
▪ Orders are expected to be ready for pickup on Sunday night, Oct 2, and Monday night, Oct 3.

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Wed, September 28 2022 3 Tishrei 5783