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Update #8

03/27/2020 12:53:02 AM


Good morning YIPC and Good Erev Shabbos!

*TODAY - Pre-Kabbolas Shabbos Kumzitz with Rabbi Glasser*
At 5:45 PM, Rabbi Glasser will lead a live *Pre-Kabbolas Shabbos Kumzitz,* featuring live music, singing, and Divrei Torah. This will be an inspiring way to enter Shabbos for the entire family. Join online via Zoom: Or Call 646-876-9923. Meeting ID: 192-023-699

*Preparing for Shabbos@Home - Week#2*
As we collectively prepare for our second Shabbos@Home, we have organized some ideas for making Shabbos inspirational and meaningful, based upon input and suggestions from Rabbi Glasser and other materials that have been published on the web.

*Chizuk Shiur by Yehuda Goldberg*
Part 2 of Yehuda Goldberg’s ongoing Chizuk Shiurim (based upon works of the Maharal) is available here (2 ½ minutes):

*Parent/Child Learning*
Thank you to Rabbi Elie Rothberger for leading yesterday’s *Parent/Child Torah Learning* program yesterday. Congratulations to everyone who won $5 gifts Amazon Gift cards from the raffle. 

*In Case You Missed It...*
1 - *Rabbi Glasser’s* Shiur on the topic of *The Challenge of Emunah & The Emunah of Challenge”: 
2 - *Dr. Scott Goldberg’s* Shiur on the topic of: *School at Home: Setting Up Your Child (And Yourself) For Success.*

*Programs & Learning Opportunities Next Week*
*Sunday (3/29/20) @ 10:00 AM: Coffee with the Rabbi and Rebbetzin:* Pour yourself a cup of joe and join Rabbi and Rebbetzin Glasser for a chance to just shmooze.

*Sunday (3/29/20) @ 8:30 PM: Coffee with the Rabbi and Rebbetzin:* In case you missed it in the morning, pour yourself a cup of joe (or tea!) and join Rabbi and Rebbetzin Glasser for a chance to just shmooze.

*Tuesday (3/31/20) @ 8:45 PM: Halachos of Running a Seder.* Rabbi Glasser will go through the entire Seder, with particular emphasis on subjects that will be relevant to those leading a Seder for the first time.

*Thursday (4/2/20) @ 8:30 PM: Erev Shabbos HaGadol Drasha.*

Have a great and safe day, and a wonderful Shabbos.
Your Friends & Family @ YIPC

Mon, November 30 2020 14 Kislev 5781