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Upcoming Education/Programming Opportunities

03/17/2020 01:53:46 AM


Dear YIPC Community,

During these troubling times, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted by the spread of COVID -19, and hope that this crisis will pass quickly.

As Rabbi Glasser mentioned a few nights ago, although we cannot currently access our Shul for Tefila B’Tzibur, our YIPC family interacts in many ways, even when we can’t be in our physical building.  In this regard, we have worked hard to curate a schedule of “virtual” opportunities that will permit us to collectively participate, as a Kehila, with Torah learning and social programming over the next couple of weeks.

While a full schedule will be forthcoming, please note the following relevant information for this week:

(1) New YIPC WhatsApp Group
During the days ahead, most of our communications related to education/programming will take place via a new WhatsApp group called “YIPC Strong.” This group will be moderated and will be used to distribute inspirational content, shiurim and programming reminders, and relevant Shul notifications. Please join this group by clicking here:

(2) Shiurim from Rabbi Glasser this week
This Wednesday evening (03/18/2020) at 8:30 PM, Rabbi Glasser will be inaugurating our new schedule of virtual programming with a live video shiur entitled: Faith in Hashem and Faith in Ourselves: Moving Forward Together. The details/instructions to participate in the Shiur will be distributed via the WhatsApp group.

This Friday afternoon (03/20/2020) at 5:30 PM, Rabbi Glasser will lead a live Pre-Kabbolas Shabbos Kumzitz, which will feature live music, singing, and Divrei Torah. This will be an inspiring way to enter Shabbos for the entire family. The details/instructions to participate in the Shiur will be distributed via the WhatsApp group.

(3) Parent/Child Guided Torah Learning this week
This Thursday afternoon (03/19/2020) at 5:00 PM,  Rabbi Elie Rothberger will guide a live-streamed, Parent/Child Learning program. Source sheets will be distributed in advance. At 5:20 PM the program will conclude with a raffle for all who are participating online. There will be 3 winners who will receive a $5 Amazon Gift card (transferred to their parents/guardians account).

Finally - please be sure to join the WhatsApp group, and be on the lookout for additional information shortly. In the meantime, we thank you for being part of the YIPC family. If there is anything we can do, or if you have any suggestions, please let us know by emailing .

We Daven that this current pandemic will soon become a fading memory, and that all those affected will have a quick and easy recovery.

The YIPC Education/Programming Committee

Sun, January 24 2021 11 Shevat 5781