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Update #1

03/18/2020 01:49:39 AM


Boker Tov YIPC!

Daily Dose of Inspiration
To get your day started, and since it’s a challenge to juggle so many responsibilities at home, we are sharing the following 7 minute Shiur from Rav Moshe Taragin. Topic: Inner Calm and Focus.

Highlight of the Day
Tonight at 8:30 PM, Rabbi Glasser will give a live video shiur (via Zoom) entitled: Faith in Hashem and Faith in Ourselves: Moving Forward Together. The shiur is dedicated L’iluy Nishmas:  Dovid Yifrach ben Tuvia Eliyahu. There are two ways to participate: (1) Online - (2) Phone - (929) 436-2866. The meeting ID for both methods is: 703 598 857. 

Youth Activities Today
12:30 PM: Pop-Up Camp (girls age 6+) 

1:00 PM: Pre-School Playtime (pre-school:))

7:30: Workout Dance Party (girls age 10+) 

In Case You Missed It….
JFS published a useful article “How to Talk To Kids about COVID-19”

Have a great and safe day.

Mon, November 30 2020 14 Kislev 5781