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Mincha I              6:10 pm
Candle Lighting  6:25 pm
Mincha II              7:05 pm
Candle Lighting  7:33 pm

Mazal Tov: to Chava & Marc Kurtz and family, on the upcoming marriage of their son Eitan to Brittany Nachamie.  They invite everyone to kiddush following davening in honor of Eitan’s aufruf.

High Holiday Seats: We are looking forward to an inspirational davening on Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur. Please click here or go to to access High Holiday related information and the Seat Reservation Form. Only reservations submitted through the YIPC Portal will be accepted

YIPC Youth Groups: YIPC will be running youth groups on a limited basis until and including the Shabbos of Labor Day weekend, 9/2.  We will run preschool groups and groups for boys entering 1-3rd grade. The groups for older boys (grades 4-6) and older girls (grades 2-6) will not be running during this time.  2nd grade girls are invited to join the preschool groups during this time if they would like. We look forward to reopening all groups with the start of the school year on the Shabbos of 9/9. For more information please contact Aliza Davis at

SAVE THE DATES - Upcoming Programs in September:
2nd Annual TeshuvaTalks: During Elul, a variety of shiurim focused on Teshuva, will be offered for both youth and adults.
Pre-Rosh Hashana shiur from Rav Reuven Feinstein, Shlita - Thursday evening, September 14th at 8:15 pm
Guest speakers during Shalosh Seudos:
Parshas Ki Seitzei, September 2nd  - Rabbi Mordechai Becher
Parshas Ki Savo, September 9th  - Rabbi Ely Bacon
Parshas Ki Savo, September 9th- Separate Shalosh Seudos for boys & girls in grades 6-8 - Rabbi Glasser
Parshas Nitzavim-Vayelech, September 16th  - Rabbi Eli Gewirtz

Youth Department Kick-Off Events:
All youth (and their parents) from nursery through 5th grade are invited to a spectacular event on Sunday morning, September 3rd. Girls from 10:30am-11:30am, and boys from 11:45am-12:45pm.
Parshas Ki Savo, September 9th  -  2nd Annual Back to School Ice Cream Party will take place during Shabbos morning groups.
Chesed Opportunity: We will be packing clothes for Yad Leah on Sunday morning, September 10th.
More details on all of these programs to follow. For any questions, please email For sponsorship information, please email

Singles Shabbaton:The Shidduch Project is organizing a singles shabbaton in Passaic for orthodox singles 24-40 on Shabbos Parshas Shoftim, August 25-26. Friday night dinner and Shabbos lunch will take place at YIPC.  The Shidduch Project is seeking local families that can host out of town singles for Friday night. To host singles or for more information, please contact Mrs.Shani Ratzker (917-287-4756 or

Mi-sheberach for Cholim: The list of cholim used by the gabbaim on Shabbos mornings will be refreshed next week, Parshas Shoftim. If there are names of critically ill YIPC Members or close relatives of members that you would like to include on the list, please go to: to re-submit their names. All other names will be removed from the list on August 25th.

Sat, August 19 2017 27 Av 5777