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Young Israel of Passaic-Clifton





Friday October 21st  

Shacharis                6:05 & 8:00 am

Candle Lighting                    5:48 pm

Mincha                                 5:55 pm


October 22nd

Shacharis                     7 & 8:45 am

Early Mincha                       2:15 pm

Glasser open Succah          3-5 pm

Mincha                                 5:40 pm

Maariv & Havdala                6:46 pm

Daf Hashavua Shiur            9:00 pm


October 23rd

Shacharis                             7:30 am

Candle Lighting                    5:45 pm

Mincha                                5:50 pm

HaRav Hershel Schachter, Shlita, Rosh Yeshiva of RIETS will speak between Mincha and Maariv


October 24th 

Shacharis                       7 & 8:45 am

Yizkor                                   10:15 am

Tot Hakafos (Social Hall)       4:00 pm

Mincha                                 5:50 pm

Candle Lighting after           6:43 pm

Maariv                                  6:45 pm


October 25th 

Hashkama  (Social Hall)        6:45 am

Main Shul                             8:30 am

Mincha                                 5:50 pm

Neilas HaChag                    6:05 pm

Shiur- Rabbi Glasser and R’ Shimmy Globman, Director of the Daf HaShavua. 

Maariv & Havdala                   6:42 pm Shabbos Chol Hamoed Succos and Shemini Atzeres.pdf

Shabbos Chol Hamoed Succos: The Glasser family invites the YIPC Kehilla to an open sukkah at their home (382 Brook Avenue) on Shabbos Chol Hamoed, October 20th, from 3pm to 5pm.

Tot Hakafos: Younger children of the community are invited to join the YIPC for special "Tot Hakafos" at 4:00 pm on Shmini Atzeres. The program will feature singing and dancing with Sifrei Torah followed by an inspiring story by Rabbi Elie Rothberger.  Tot Hakafos bags are sponsored by Miriam & Carl Singer in memory of Miriam's Grandfather Adolphe Pressel, Avraham Ben Mordechai haLevi.

Daf HaShavua: Nearly 30 people attended the inaugural Daf HaShavua shiur last Sunday (the recording is available at Thank you to Rabbi Glasser for giving the shiur, Ron Tovbin for picking up breakfast, and David and Paula Baumser for sponsoring the breakfast. Rabbi Glasser will be giving the next shiur this Motzei Shabbos (October 22nd) in the Glasser family Sukkah (382 Brook Avenue) at 9:00 PM.   In case of inclement weather, the shiur will take place in the shul at 9:10pm.  If there are any changes, an email will be send out after Shabbos.  Please join us!

New In-Depth Gemara Shiur on Thursday Evenings: Beginning Thursday, October 27th, Rabbi Elie Rothberger will be giving a short shiur 20 minutes before Maariv onThursday night.  The shiur will review some of the salient topics of the daf as well as explore a contemporary halachik question related to the daf.

Chavrusa Matching: For anyone who would like a Chavrusa in order to learn Gemara following the Daf HaShavua program, Ron Tovbin will be helping to pair people so that they can learn during the week based upon their own schedules. Please contact him at:

Chasan Torah: Every year on Simchas Torah, we auction off the various Simchas Torah Kibudim.  It is a tradition at YIPC that the person or group of people who purchases Chassan Torah honors the rabbi with this Aliyah.  The past few years, we have emailed everyone before Yom Tov to give them the opportunity to join in.  Since we started raising awareness about this opportunity to honor Rabbi Glasser, the list of contributors and the amount of money raised for the shul has increased each year.  Please help continue to honor our Rav in this way. We hope you will take this opportunity to honor Rabbi Glasser for all that he does for you personally, for your family, for our shul, and for our community.  Everyone is welcomed to join in with any amount.  We will share the list of sponsors with the rabbi.  Please email by 12pm on Sunday October 22nd or speak to Mordechi Bodek or Ammiel Bachrach.

Simchas Torah Kiddush: We are still looking for sponsors for our annual Simchas Torah Kiddush. The following sponsorship levels are available:

$100     Keser Torah
$72       Eitz Chaim

$54       Aliya
$36       Hakafa

To sponsor, please go to or select "Simchas Torah Kiddush" under Shul Life on the shul website.  Contact Mordechi Bodek ( with any questions.  To volunteer to help with set-up contact Paula Baumser.

Youth Groups: There will be regular youth groups on the Shabbos Chol Hamoed and Shmini Atzeres. Groups will not take place on Simchas Torah.

Listen to Rabbi Glasser to Nachum Segal about our new building.



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Fri, 21 October 2016 19 Tishrei 5777