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Sign up by clicking here. Read a letter from Rabbi Glasser below, which includes links to helpful resources to assist with your learning.

JUNE 2017 / SIVAN 5777


Dear YIPC Family,

I am sure you will agree that our YIPC Shavuos experience was absolutely extraordinary. The breadth of Shiurim for men, women, youth, and teens was simply remarkable. While the topics and presentations were compelling, substantive, and enjoyable; it was the commitment of the Kehila that ultimately made the Yom Tov such a defining moment of communal Kabalas HaTorah. As we discussed over Yom Tov, our goal now is to perpetuate that commitment in our dedication to continued Torah study as a central dimension of our lives. 

On Shavuos, our Kehila launched an ambitious  new Torah learning project; to collectively complete the entire Tanach. We will celebrate, together, with a Siyum on Simchas Torah. Tanach is the foundation of our people, and its timeless messages resonate with us today. It encapsulates our values and ideals, our history and our purpose, our successes and our failures. Studying Tanach places us into the larger narrative of Jewish history, which continues to miraculously unfold in our own generation as well. So many of the challenges, lessons, and experiences of Am Yisrael throughout Tanach, resonate with our own contemporary religious experience. For some this is a return to our source, and for others a chance to engage our profound story for the very first time. 

This project is designed for the full participation of every segment of our Kehila. Men, women, and children. It is an opportunity for family members to learn with each other, and individuals to set up Chavurusos as well. We intend to share a variety of resources that can assist in making the text more comprehensible, meaningful, and relevant to our lives. 

Please take a moment to explore the information and instructions regarding the project, and then choose an area of Tanach that “speaks to you”. 

Please see below for more information, and instructions about signing up.

Looking forward to learning, and celebrating together,
Rabbi Yaakov Glasser
How Do I Sign Up?
Please click the link below to access a spreadsheet that has divided the entirety of Tanach into sections. Since we want everyone (men, women and children) to participate, there are columns for the youth/ teens of our Shul and adults/families. We are aiming for 100% participation.


How “In-Depth” should we learn? 
The beauty of this Siyum is that there is no one-way of learning Tanach. Beginners to Tanach might wish to use an Artscroll or other translation and just read the verses. This might also be appropriate when learning with younger children.


For those with more background, perhaps this is a time to learn with a new commentary that can provide a unique perspective on the text.

In addition, we will have a variety of Shiurim and learning opportunities in the Shul throughout the summer which will give more background about the importance of Tanach, and some learning methodologies.

Finally, there are many resources available online for those wishing to explore their learning in different ways. Three popular sights are: (from Yeshiva University), (from the Orthodox Union) and (from Yeshivat Har Tzion in the Gush).

But in the end, no matter the level of learning, it will be the commitment to participating in this communal Siyum that will leave an indelible impression on your life and the life of your family.

When Should We Learn?
There are many opportunities to learn during the week, such as:


- During the commute to work
- At the Shabbos table
- Before putting children to bed


You may also wish to learn with a Chavrusa, or as part of a group. The important thing is to be consistent.

Is this Siyum for Men, Women and Children?
Yes. This Siyum is for the entire Shul - men, women, and children. Our goal is to make two Siyumim on Simchas Torah morning.One will be a Siyum made by the youth/teens of our Shul. The other Siyum will be made by adults.



Any recommendations for what the youth should learn?

They can sign-up for any available section, but we encourage the youth to sign up for something they are not already learning in school.

How do we Sign Up?
click here and list your name next to the section(s) you wish to learn. 

Mon, May 21 2018 7 Sivan 5778